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Updated: September 2012


I began my career in data processing in 1978 and have extensive experience in systems and applications technical support, developmental analysis and design, and applications and systems programming for banking, government, insurance and health industries in IBM mainframe online and batch environments.


Bachelor of Business Administration from American International College, Springfield, MA.



5/2006 – June 2012: CICS & MQ SYSTEM PROGRAMMER, Associate Director at UBS

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: As a member of 2 different teams, UBS Americas and the Investment Bank, I was a lead technician responsible for supporting production and test systems in the CICS/MQ areas. Duties included system upgrades, application configuration updates, performance analysis and tuning, developer support, application problem resolution, business continuity and recovery, risk analysis and mitigation, and rotational on call support. While there, I also learned DB2 database administration, kept abreast of latest trends in CICS an MQ features, participated in proof of concept projects such as Z/PDT and automated CICS generating tools creation, and participated in many cleanup projects removing obsolete components and systems. In support of developers, I wrote a system that would take MQ configuration components and through REXX parsing programs, loaded the components into DB2 databases for easy SQL query access for business application tracing of messaging.        


2/2004 – June 2005: CICS Applications Programmer, CONSULTANT

BW Consulting, LLC and Computech Resources at Health Insurance Plan of New York

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: As a member of the Production Support team, I was lead technician responsible for debugging production and test environment problems, enhancing system stability and availability, and make performance improvements of the client’s applications, providing solutions in both system software configuration and application programs. I provided support for the migration from CICS 4.1 to Transaction Server 2.2 and associated products and tested these and other ISV products in the migration from Z/OS 1.3 to Z/OS 1.5. I supported application developers with problem and debugging resolutions and supported the CICS Systems programmers in the tech support area providing technical expertise, process improvements, and infrastructure guidance. I performed technical interviews to hire application consultants. I integrated the CICS-AbendAid product with Source listing support. I both solved and implemented fixes for abends as well as providing application support staff with detailed analysis of dumps for proper fix resolution. I solved problems and implemented solutions in applications, system configuration, and vendor software the latter using research tools such as IBMLINK, Frontline, or CA Support Connect.

In addition to the support role, I was the lead technician for 3 project initiatives: 1) Research and provide a solution that would allow update access from CICS to VSAM files 24/7, while allowing normal batch updates. 2) Trial 4 products to allow browser and XML access to the major CICS legacy application and 3) Install, configure, and populate Xpediter Dev Enterprise – a Compuware product that establishes entity relationships for a mainframe application and provides tools to development staff for application impact analysis, program analysis, and QA testing. This product had components on the mainframe, wintel server, and client PC.

7/2003 – 2/2004: CICS Systems Programmer, SENIOR SPECIALIST

Perot Systems at Owens and Minor

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: As a member of the GIS Interactives team, I was responsible for building regions for a new migration path. I installed MacKinney System’s CICS/Mapper II as a replacement for SDF using SMPE. I was dedicated to a client of Perot Systems and supported production and test environments performing problem solving using AbendAid and IPCS, performance tuning, and implementing various CICS administrative requests as well as supporting CICS in a OS upgrade from OS/390 2.10 to Z/OS 1.4. Various products used with this client were Compuware’s AbendAid for CICS, Viasoft’s SmartTest, and the full suite of Omegamon Monitoring tools for CICS, DB2, IMS, IPCS, and MVS.


Perot Systems at Robert Plan Insurance

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: As a member of the Configuration Management team, I was responsible for installing and integrating CA's Endevor product for software migrations. For a new development project, the CM team was setting up software life cycle environments and implementing CM tools to handle software migrations for Natural and non Natural configuration items. We reviewed and tested the product N2O and were implementing Endevor with plans to integrate the two products. I personally was involved in the environment planning/setup and Endevor setup as well as N2O review.





Perot Systems at UBS Warburg

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: I have worked as a team member supporting the banks back office CICS systems and MQ Series infrastructure. Production CICS consisted 1 TOR, 3 AORs and 1 FOR, TCP Listener, SNA/LU62, MQ Series, IMS/DBCTL, and DB2 Connections. Test environment had 6 MRO suites like production and 19 Stand alone regions. I built 7 of the stand alone regions and 2 of the MRO suites and standardized about half of all regions, (common CSD, SIT, PLT, RPL, etc). I participated in the upgrade of Transaction Server 2.2. I installed CICS Transaction Server 1.2 and 1.3 using SMP/E and set up the CICS Web Interface, creating the default CICS Web page using HTML and JavaScript, and 3270 bridged 1 of the banks major applications. I also installed the CICS Transaction Gateway in UNIX Systems Services, TMON CICS 2.0, Omegamon CICS 400, Intertest 5.4, Compuware’s Abendaid/FX 4.3 for CICS, Xpediter/CICS 7.4, upgraded CA-DADS PLUS 3.5, and implemented DBCTL connections in all environments. I was the CA-Endeavor Administrator V3.8. I developed a batch job to new copy programs while regions were up using EXCI interface and output from Endevor. Besides the development work above, I supported CICS in the Production and test environments for 4 ZOS/OS390 upgrades (OS/390 2.4, 2.7, 2.10, now at Z/OS 1.2), Y2K, and various bank application initiatives. I provided applications architectural design guidance including proposing and implementing with application developers the migration of the applications above 16M line and implemented the storage protection and transaction isolation features available in CICS. I provided problem resolution for all manner of abends and system dumps specializing in storage violations, used IBMLINK to download and apply PTFs and rotated weekly off hour call support with high speed remote-in access. I participated in a Data Center consolidation, reduced 2 FOR’s into 1, and 5 AOR’s into 3. I Decommissioned Intertest and TMON and participated in the implementation of BMC’s Mainview suite of monitoring products. I participated in Disaster Recovery tests using SRDF/EMC mirrored DASD.

As an MQ Series administrator, I supported various application initiatives by participating in the upgrade to version 5.2, adding channels and queues in test and production environments, provided performance monitoring and improvements, and supported Business Continuity tests to alternate servers. Besides the Stamford LPARs I supported the London LPARs where there were 6 test and 1 production Queue Managers. I also reviewed MQ Series Integrator which we did not choose for cost reasons.

I attended IBM class for CICS 4.1 performance tuning, CICS TS 1.2&1.3 Web Implementation (Circle Group), an IBM workshop on Web access to CICS, and the 2000 CICS and MQ Series Technical Conference. I also took various CBT courses from Mindleaders.com on JAVA, PC hardware, Windows XP, and DB2.






7/1986 - 8/1998: Data Processing Technical Systems Analyst II/III

Department Of Social Services/Department of Income Maintenance, State of Connecticut


DESCRIPTION OF WORK: I have directed a technical/applications support area interfacing between the department's application programming and operations staff and the state's data center and systems support staff. Responsibilities included: programmer support and problem resolution; advising management in technical areas; high level design of the Eligibility Management System which consisted of 400 online screens and 350 batch programs; supervision of two staff positions including hiring and firing; review of vendor packages for programmer productivity; response time and performance monitoring; supporting 9 CICS regions including RDO functions; timely production problem resolution; testing, user acceptance, and production software migrations and procedures; data security officer; personal computer support for remote communications and mainframe data transfers; issue and enforce programming standards; administer Computer Based Training system; organize and maintain library of technical publications; and backup to the data base group.


1/1983 - 6/86: Senior Systems Analyst Consultant at the Department of Income Maintenance, State of Connecticut


DESCRIPTION OF WORK: I worked on the design, coding, testing, and implementation of the Welfare Fraud Tracking System with full responsibilities for the State Police portion. This system used CICS command level language with BMS mapping facilities to access VSAM/KSDS records either directly or through a phonetic index search. I also performed various analytical, and programming tasks on the Department's Caseload Eligibility Management System including adding secondary functions to allow the worker to issue Medical Identification Cards at the District Office, and Income Eligibility Verification System allowing the worker to access on a selective basis information from confidential IRS files. Also while at the Department, I shared responsibilities with one other person for the General Assistance Information System, a batch system with online inquiry capabilities using DMS/VS. This system provided a central data base that all the towns supplied information to for recipients on town welfare.


8/1980 - 12/1982: Systems Analyst Consultant for Compdata Services Inc.


Placed at Aetna Life and Casualty, I worked on the design, coding, testing, implementation, and documentation of the Human Resource Management System. Responsibilities included data transfer between CMS and MVS environments, generating DMS panels, report modules, and microfiche output, while working with both user and technical areas.


Placed at CIGNA Insurance Company, I was responsible for receiving maintenance changes into the CABILS Billing System and assuring successful implementations. My assignment also included being on call for production problems and accurate and timely resolution of those problems to keep the impact to the users at a minimum. I also had the responsibility for acceptance of the Application Information System into the Production Assurance Department which was migrated from a UNIVAC to IBM 370 environment. In this role, I was responsible for reviewing program changes, testing procedures and output, new documentation, JCL, and standards, as well as helping out with problem resolution.


1/1978 - 8/1980: Programmer Analyst and Programmer Trainee for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company


In the Agency Sales Support area, I was responsible for the Agency/Agent Data Base System, an online inquiry data base system containing all of the Agent's sales and commissions data. Modifications included new functions, maintenance, and security enhancements, as well as documentation and user training. I also was responsible for certain production cycles successfully completing. I also had responsibilities for analysis, design, coding, and testing, for the Small Group System, both batch and online considerations. At the same time I wrote the Disaster Recovery Plan for this and other systems accessing the agent data bases.


In the Agent Sales Illustrations area, I was responsible for the design, programming, and implementation of the Contract Readability Project. This included online and batch Cobol and Assembler module changes. Other projects involved updating the rate tables and creating new illustrations for new products such as the Disability Income Protection Plan.


Other Activities: During the time I worked for the above companies, I also performed private and volunteer work. I am the developer and Web Administrator for www.olomc.org and www.bwinsky.com. I performed contract work for Lego Systems where I wrote a program on the Commodore PET 2001 computer interfacing through an IEEE serial port to a METLER Scale monitoring tare migration of a scale with graphic displays and alarms when too many packages were getting rejected. Another contract was with a service bureau to refine and standardize a general ledger and accounts receivable package.


Hobbies: Private Pilot, boating, music and choir member, skiing, aviculture.


References available on request.